Saturday, May 22, 2010

life and ....

My father once said "I look in the mirror and an old man is looking back at me." (I understand he might have swiped that from somewhere) Lately, that sentence has gone through my head alot. In actuality, for me to be middle-aged, I need to live to be 92. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely plan to live past that. I have devoted many a spare moment trying to figure out how.

The Vampire. Now, this thought went through my head for as long as the Vampire Chronicles series lasted. I love Anne Rice. The plan was that when I got old and/or sick, I would go down to New Orleans, stand in the Lafayette Cemetary until LeStat came, and made me a vampire. I went so far as to daydream of me yelling to him in the darkness. (The rest of that daydream I will keep to myself ;-) )I know, the first thing you are thinking is the "blood thing". I always thought to myself that if I was a vampire, I wouldn't think it was gross. So, I really didn't think about it that much. The thought of being ..... a super being. The most important thing on my agenda would be to save people. With my vampiric dark gift, I would walk the dark streets at night and kick the crap out of anyone evil. The evil doers would look at my 105 pound frame (shut up! this is my daydream) and laugh. Until I picked him up and threw him across the street. Me, the vampire, would double as a super hero. Oh, and wander the world forever.

I know, as a fact, that I will live forever. But, I want to live HERE. Like John Travolta said in the movie "Michael", I would miss everything so much. (oh, and I love pie!)

I have been out of ideas until my family and I watched Avatar last weekend. Finally, an answer! So, I ask you. Would you give up your body to go into a new one? I asked my husband and he said probably not. Well, I would. In a heartbeat. Because in my head, when I am driving around, listening to some rocking "classic" tunes, I AM 17. And, my heart is light and care free and I feel like I can do anything and be anyone and my life is laying out on the yellow brick road ahead of me. The point.. if this body of mine fails, I would .... in a heartbeat.... move into a giant cat like blue body and roam the forest with all my friends.